Monday, October 31, 2005

Autumn Poems from Asahi

Here are some from the Asahi page:

After the rain
crickets singing
in concert

Sleepless night
of subtle noises
drifting leaves


Pitch dark path
sound, then smell of fallen


(1) Crickets: This weekend when I went to the nature preserve (see the post below) the crickets were so loud it was like standing in the middle of a machine shop listing to motors whirring away. Really quite remarkable.

(2) Sleepless night: Been having quite a few of those recently. My house is under a lot of pine and oak trees, and in the night the sound of--what? pine cones? twigs? acorns?--striking and then rolling down the roof keeps sleep away.

(3) The persimmon poem makes me think about the time my mother and I visited Kyorai's Rakushi-sha (Hermitage of the Fallen Persimmons) near Kyoto. Follow the link to see pictures of this place--it's really nice there. I like Nishimura's poem a lot--visual, aural, olfactory all at once.