Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Rallying Against a Female Emperor

Another article from the BBC site, "Rally Against Japan Royals Change."

Former trade minister HIRANUMA Takeo led a rally against changing Japanese law to allow women to ascend the throne. There were female Japanese emperors in ancient times, by the way, but Mr. Hiranuma apparently feels that this is not authentically traditional or he wouldn't have described his actions this way, "We'll do our best to preserve the authentic tradition and culture and protect our nation."

Says Mr. Hiranuma: "If Aiko becomes the reigning empress, and gets involved with a blue-eyed foreigner while studying abroad and marries him, their child may be the emperor."

Hard to know how to respond to that. It's problematic on so many levels.

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One's heart goes out to Princess Masako. To be so accomplished, intelligent, and well-educated, and then be turned into an object of the world's scrutiny not on the basis of her professional abilities, but her fertility. It must be heartbreaking for both her and for Aiko.