Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Journey North

Weblog Yahantei is taking a holiday for Thanksgiving. We're going for a very long drive, and wish everyone else who is traveling this week a safe and happy time.

Here are some verses from Asahi in the meantime. The first one I liked a lot because it's something I've become familiar with. My house is underneath some huge oak trees (along with pines and dogwoods) and the patio in back is covered with acorns. They are not all bad, because they bring out the chipmunks, but along with everything else, and the recent winds and rain, it's a lot of work. But they also can offer an occasion for a poem:

Caps off
acorns race down
the plaza

--Michael CORR

I liked this one too. "Sweet olive" is another name for osmanthus, whose voluptuous fragrance I extolled in a September post. I don't smell it as much anymore, but there's a big sasanqua in the yard, with flowers I first mistook for some kind of rose. Anyway, when the tiny white blossoms of the sweet olive fall, they turn a dull gold beneath the plant.

Sweet olive
ending with golden carpet
Come out, sasanquas

--TACHIBANA Kennosuke

Getting colder here. Enjoy the last of November.