Monday, May 15, 2006

E-Dictionaries; Studying Japanese; New Simply Haiku

Over at H-Japan, John Campbell brings our attention to this page where Henry Smith reviews recent Japanese electronic dictionaries. Japanese electronic dictionaries really are the coolest bits of tech ever; they're like a little library of reference tools tucked neatly into a palm-sized package. The development of electronic dictionaries certainly helped those of us who would find themselves schlepping around from library to library carrying various kinds of dictionaries in book form: kanji, ei-wa, wa-ei, classical etc., and feeling dumber than a sackful of hammers. Not to mention having nowhere left to pack a lunch. Professor Campbell has his eye on the Seiko SII SR-E100000--available at the vertiginous price of JPY 78,300.

This looks like a good blog for learners of Japanese: Japanese! Japanese! Pity about the name.

Simply Haiku has a new issue now. Lovely picture of a seagull there to make you feel all summery. There's a permanent link to this site on the right.