Monday, August 07, 2006

Calm Gray Haiku

Today was an unsually quiet day. It's still hot, but it hasn't quite been sunny all day--there's been a film of dinginess over the sky, like it's been covered in a fine dust.

Here are two haiku for a day like this. Both come from Asahi:

Watching the rain
for how long?

Lorne Henry

The note mentions that Mr. Henry's in Australia, and his is a winter poem. But it's been so dry here also that I thought I'd cite it. It seems to want to rain late every afternoon, but seldom quite gets up enough nerve. The other night it rained for a while, and I did think, for how long? And it finished quickly. Not enough to soothe the hydrangea--it's still bent over in despair.

I liked this one too, being a fan of the moon. It's by someone in Japan. It's fabulous, isn't it?

How can I
tell them I just
discovered the moon?

Patrick Sweeney